Working On Contingency: Why Most Personal Injury Lawyers Work This Way

14 May 2019
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When you hear about lawyers working on contingency, only collecting a fee if they win the case, you may wonder why all lawyers do not operate this way. Well, there are certainly some good reasons for the lawyers to work this way, but it does not work out well for all types of law and all types of cases. For example, a divorce lawyer could not work on contingency because there is no guarantee that a lawyer could get someone everything they want in a divorce. Read More 

2 Essential Tips For Women Who Are Divorcing

9 April 2019
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When you marry, you intend to make a life-long commitment. Unfortunately, things change, so you and your spouse may need to dissolve the marriage. For some couples, this can be an easy process. For others, divorce can be physically, emotionally, and financially overwhelming. It's understandable to be emotional and stressed about the fact a marriage and partnership is ending. If you are a woman divorcing, here are a few things you need to know. Read More 

Age Discrimination Happens For A Range Of Reasons

28 February 2019
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Age discrimination doesn't just happen because a person is older and the boss doesn't give them a promotion. Age discrimination can happen when you are young too. There are times when an employer will overlook an employee for a supervisor position, based only on the fact that they "look too young" for the job. While it can be difficult to prove that you didn't get a job or promotion because of your age, there are circumstances when it is very clear what has happened. Read More 

What to Know When You’re a Victim of Crime in a Hotel

23 January 2019
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Usually, hotels do a good job of making sure that guests are safe during their stay. If a crime does occur against a hotel guest, the hotel must be ready to show that they did everything possible to prevent any harm done. That doesn't mean that hotels cannot be held responsible if you end up being the victim of a crime, however, so read on and learn more. Does the Hotel Ensure Safety for Hotel Guests? Read More 

Leave No Debt Behind: An Old Mantra Made New Again, And What It Means

13 December 2018
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Once upon a time, it was considered a shameful thing to leave any debt behind after you had passed away. That was because the debts were then passed to your spouse and children to pay off, leaving them and all future generations penniless and facing hardship unless they managed to pay off your old debts and theirs. When legal systems did away with debtor's prisons and workhouses, the practice of making living relatives pay the debts of deceased relatives eventually fell away, too. Read More