4 Ways To Avoid Losing Your Business Liquor License

28 March 2016
 Categories: Law, Blog


So your restaurant recently received its liquor license. You likely paid good money to obtain the right to legally serve alcohol in your establishment, but just because you currently hold a liquor license doesn't mean you can't lose it. Each year, restaurants across the country lose their liquor licenses as a result of carelessness and mistakes when it comes to serving alcohol. By following some important guidelines, however, restaurant owners can avoid losing their liquor licenses and potentially facing a liability lawsuit as well.

Know and Follow Restrictions

First of all, understand that there are different types of liquor licenses, all of which come with their own unique set of rules and restrictions. Be aware of the regulations surrounding your restaurant's liquor license and follow them to a T. For example, if you run a restaurant that doubles as a licensed gaming site, you may have a gambling liquor license that only permits you to serve alcohol during a legal gambling operation.

Train Employees on Proper Pouring

All too often, restaurant patrons are accidentally over-served because bartenders pour too much liquor into the drinks they make. Take the time to train your bartenders on proper pour amounts and techniques. For added peace of mind, consider installing nozzles on your liquor bottles that will automatically measure the dispense the proper pour amount. This can also help your restaurant increase its profits and avoid giving away liquor.

Know How to Refuse Service

Sometimes, employees recognize that a patron has had too much to drink but they haven't received the proper training on how to handle refusing service. For employees who are uncomfortable refusing a patron outright, instruct them to turn to a manager or other superior to handle the situation. This applies not only to bartenders, but to servers and even valet employees. You simply never know when an intoxicated patron may attempt to drive home at the end of the night.

Partner With a Local Cab Company

While certainly not required by law, it's never a bad idea for restaurants to partner with a local cab company that they can readily call upon to provide rides home to patrons who may have had too much to drink. Make sure that all employees are aware of the arrangement and know the proper phone number to call when securing a safe ride home for an intoxicated customer. Doing so could just save a life.

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