Three Reasons Working With A Law Firm Is Still Better Than Using DIY Software

11 April 2016
 Categories: Law, Blog


If you're in need of legal advice or services, and you don't have much time, it may seem easier to simply look up your question online and find some DIY forms that you can fill out. DIY legal services have grown in popularity because of how inexpensive they are up front compared to using a real lawyer. But DIY services go only so far, and if you need legal advice, you should still contact a lawyer like Gregory J Hermiller for these three reasons.

Accurate Advice

Online DIY legal services often offer accurate advice in simple matters. For more complicated matters, though, especially matters where your situation doesn't quite match the typical person's situation, advice from DIY services may become less accurate. However, a real legal office will be able to give you up-to-date advice that is accurate for the state, county, and city that you live in. It's too easy to click on the wrong page in a DIY legal website and get information that doesn't apply in your city, for example.

Customized Advice

Related to getting accurate advice in general is getting customized advice. Not only does the legal advice have to be accurate for your location, but it has to apply to your particular situation as well. There are often too many variables at play in legal situations to rely fully on impersonal online advice. Speaking with a lawyer in person, where you can explain your situation in full, will get you the right information for you -- not for any reader who happens upon a website.

Faster Service

If you do need something done legally, like a letter sent to someone or even papers drawn up for court, a live person will be able to do that while you're in the lawyer's office. Instead of finding out that you need to do something and searching for more DIY paperwork, you simply tell the lawyer what you need done, and the lawyer can take care of it.

There's no doubt that DIY legal services have their place. However, because legal issues can be so complicated at times, it's much better to meet with a live lawyer to discuss your situation. Setting up a consultation in which you can ask all of your questions and find out exactly what the lawyer can and will do will be more efficient than trying various online sites to see if you can cobble something together yourself.