3 Factors Parents Should Consider When Their Children Divorce

24 June 2016
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A divorce between a couple often impacts a lot more than just the couple. Understanding those various impacts can have legal implication in your life. If you are a parent of a child who is getting divorced, then it's important to understand the different conditions and impacts that the divorce takes. In some cases, you may need the assistance of a divorce lawyer to help with your own concerns. A family divorce is painful enough as it is, but understanding the following three factors can make a big difference as your child goes through the divorce proceedings.

Living Wills

After your child was married, you may have made changes to your will or life insurance policies. If any of these policies contained benefits for the ex-spouse, then you should have them changed and adjusted as needed. Even if they are divorced, the ex-spouse could be legally entitled to the benefits if the paperwork is not changed. Once the divorce is finalized, a lawyer can help you change your wills, life insurance, or any other benefits that directly related to the ex-spouse. It's also a good idea to communicate these changes to all of the parities involved so that they understand the changes that are being made and do not expect anything different in the future.

Child Visitation Rights

For couples with children, one of the biggest hurdles in a divorce is getting through the child custody agreement. If you've had a large presence in your grandchildren's life, then you do not want the divorce to impact these visits. If you're concerned about visitation with your grandchildren, then you should seek the help of a divorce lawyer to ask for child visitation. Through a court hearing, you can prove your relationship with the child and seek visitation for set amounts of time. Even though the divorce may be hard on the whole family, a visitation schedule can help you maintain a positive relationship with your grandchildren.

Family Rings & Jewelry

When your child was getting married, you may have passed down a special piece of jewelry that was owned by previous family members. As the marriage falls apart, you may seek that jewelry back so you can keep it in family. Unfortunately, a lot of these jewelry pieces are seen as gifts and often belong to the person that received them. Unless your child can get the jewelry back through a divorce settlement, there is no way to force a return of the jewelry back to the family. If you seek a ring or watch back, then you can make a cash offer on the items. A lawyer can help draw up a sales agreement so that the sale goes smoothly and you have the documents to prove your true ownership.

During a divorce, it's important to be supportive of your child along with covering your own bases. Consulting with a lawyer can help you establish and face any problems or issues that may come up. For more information, contact a local law office or visit sites like http://www.paulmoorelaw.com