When Your Car Crash Involves A Boat: What Your Car Crash Attorney May Say About It

10 October 2016
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Car crashes sometimes involve the weirdest situations and objects. Collisions with tractors, combines, buses, and even planes are not unheard of. Additionally, it is very possible to crash your car into a boat, which begs the question of what to do then. Here is what a car crash attorney might have to say about it.

Crashing into a Boat in the Water

Crashing into a boat in the water generally means that you first crashed through a bridge railing or that you plowed through a dock's gates before hitting the boat. While you may owe the boat owner quite a bit of money, the boat owner does not owe you a single thing because you crashed your land vehicle into his or her water vehicle. The only way you can get out ahead of this particular car crash issue is to prove that you were not in control of your vehicle or something else was amiss at the time of the accident, and then sue the boat owner's insurance for the expenses for which the boat owner sued you.

Crashing into a Boat on Land

Boats on land are not unusual. After all, they are transported over land by boat trailers and the vehicles that tow the trailers. When a trailing boat stops short or swings sharply in your direction, a car crash is imminent. In these instances, your lawyer would expect that you called the police to document the accident, exchanged insurance information with the boat's owner, and proceeded towards home with a copy of the police report in your hand. When the boat was relatively undamaged, but your vehicle was a mess, you will need this piece of paper from the police to show that you did not intentionally crash your vehicle into the other party's boat and/or boat trailer. What your lawyer does with the piece of paper is entirely different.

Gathering Evidence

While you are standing around waiting for the police to arrive at your accident site, take lots of pictures. Then you have substantial evidence to show the damage as well as to show that you received much of the destructive blows from the back of the boat. Not only do crash accident attorneys love pictures as they pertain to your case, but judges view the pictures as allowable evidence. This often happens when you want to prove the appearance of your vehicle was still intact prior to sale.

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