What To Include In Lost Income Damages In A Personal Injury Claim

18 June 2018
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If you are pursuing a personal injury claim, then lost income will constitute a huge percentage of your damages. However, you may not get everything you deserve if you don't know everything to include in your lost income damages. Here are some of the things you should include the following. 

Sick Leave Time

In many workplaces, employers allow employees to earn and accumulate sick days. For example, your employer may allow you one full day of sick leave for every month of work. In such a case, you will accumulate 12 days of sick leave after a year of work. However, you may find yourself using all these days after getting injured in a slip and fall accident. In such a case, the person responsible for your slip and fall injury should compensate you for your lost sick leave time.

Paid Vacation Time

Many employers subscribe to the argument that all work and no play make people dull and give their employees free vacation time every year. In such cases, you will still be able to earn your basic pay during your vacation days. However, a serious injury may see you using all your paid vacation time while recuperating, and it makes sense that the party responsible for your injury should compensate you for those days.

Bonus Days

Employers have different ways of rewarding and motivating their employees. Some employers do it by awarding their employees bonus days, which they can use as vacation time, after working for some time. In many cases, the bonuses are in addition to paid sick leave time as well as paid vacation time. For example, you may be awarded bonus days if you have surpassed your employer's sales target or if the employer is recognizing or celebrating a special event or holiday. Again, the defendant should compensate you for these days if your injury ends up exhausting them. 

Nonmonetary Benefits and Perks

Does your employer give you free passes to the local theater, free tickets to local sporting events or free meals? If that is the case, then you may have missed a number of them while you were injured. Since it is the employer who made you miss all these nonmonetary perks, it makes sense that they should be the one to compensate you for your loss.

 This is one of the advantages of hiring a personal injury attorney; they will help you figure out all the damages you should claim.