How A Traditional Divorce Works

18 February 2020
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If you find yourself in a situation where you really believe that you cannot stay married any longer, you might want to go to a law firm to speak with a divorce lawyer. Even though you probably never expected to be in this situation, it is something that happens to a lot of married couples. If you do not know a lot about divorce, here are several things to understand about how a traditional divorce works.

What Is a Traditional Divorce?

The first thing to understand is what a traditional divorce refers to. In a traditional-style divorce, each spouse must hire a separate attorney for representation. Each attorney represents his or her client only and works to help the client end up with a fair and good settlement from the divorce.

The two divorce attorneys in the situation communicate about the needs of their clients and work together to settle issues so that the spouses do not have to do this with each other.

What Are the Main Steps of a Traditional Divorce?

To go through with a traditional divorce, you both hire a lawyer. Each of you then works with your own lawyer to determine your goals, needs, and desires in the settlement. The lawyers then talk together to work out agreements verbally. When they make agreements, they present them to their clients for approval. Once all the matters are settled, the couple goes to court to present the settlement to the judge. If the judge approves it, he or she will then grant the divorce.

A traditional divorce may take months or years from the start of it to the time it is finished, but it is often the best option for couples seeking divorce.

What Are Alternative Options?

If you feel that a traditional divorce is not the best choice for ending your marriage, you could look into either a collaborative divorce or divorce mediation. Both of these options might be more affordable and faster ways to get a divorce. There are many downsides to these options, though, which you should research and understand before choosing one of them. In fact, you can even talk to a divorce lawyer about all the options listed here to find the one that seems best for you.

To learn more about any of these options, schedule a visit with a family lawyer in your city. They should be able to advise you.