Personal Injury Lawyer: Injured In An Assault

29 April 2021
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If you've been injured in a violent assault, a personal injury lawyer can help you recover the damages you need to heal your body, mind, spirit, and/or property.

Here are some of the ways that personal injury lawyers help victims of assault.

Pinning the Perpetrator

Many assault cases involve both civil and criminal proceedings. However, even if a perpetrator is found guilty in criminal court, it doesn't always mean that you'll receive the financial restitution you need to recover from your trauma.

  • Parallel Suits: imitating a civil lawsuit, even while a criminal case is being decided, can help you recover damages more quickly. When filing a civil lawsuit, it's important to share evidence with your personal injury lawyer. Having all the evidence they need to build a strong case can compel the perpetrator to settle before the case goes before a jury.
  • Making a Deal: even when your case is strong, the perpetrator of your assault might not have the assets you're hoping to recover. In these types of cases, your personal injury lawyer can negotiate deals that include liquidating assets like personal property and other fungible assets.

Pain and Suffering

Assault cases aren't always just about physical violence. If an assault cases significant emotional or psychological damage, your personal injury lawyer can seek additional restitution in court.

  • Medical History: the biggest burden of proof can be demonstrating that your injuries are directly related to an assault. To show, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your injuries were caused by an assault, your personal injury lawyer will need a detailed medical history. For instance, if your personal injury lawyer can show that your most recent physicals and medical checkups did not include the injuries you sustained during the assault, your case can be much stronger.
  • Emotional Aftermath: victims of assault can bear invisible scars that never heal. If an assault has dramatically impacted your quality of life and/or a deterioration of your mental health, your personal injury lawyer can seek damages to help you received ongoing care. This can include counseling sessions, mental health services, and other care you need to cope with the emotional aftermath of the assault.
  • Lost Wages: an assault can make it difficult to perform your job. If you had to miss work or are no longer able to work as you once were, your personal injury lawyer can seek damages for your diminished earning power.

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