At What Point Should You Consider Hiring an Estate Litigation Lawyer?

29 August 2022
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Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things that may happen to you. You may experience a period of uncertainty, mainly if there are unresolved estate issues. In fact, you could still experience issues even when a trust or will is in place. As you grieve and mourn, estate issues could strain your relationship with the other family members, making life hard on your side. For this reason, it's important to act first and protect your rights before someone else compromises them. Read More 

How To Make The Process Of Filing For Chapter 13 Much Smoother

29 July 2022
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Chapter 13 is an alternative to other forms of bankruptcy such as Chapter 7. It can be a great idea to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy if you believe that you can pay off most of your debts but simply need an easier repayment plan. However, while Chapter 13 can make your life easier in the long run, it's a bad idea to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy without the help of an attorney. Read More 

Why Your Estate Planning Should Include A Life Insurance Policy

6 July 2022
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Estate planning takes several forms and strategies. Your goals, finances, assets, and beneficiaries determine the estate planning strategies to deploy. However, life insurance policies should complement most estate planning endeavors. Below are the top reasons to include a life insurance policy in your estate plan. Paying Funeral Expenses People have different preferences for funerals and burials. Your loved ones might struggle to pay for your last rites, especially if your estate lacks adequate liquid assets. Read More 

Big Truck Accidents and Compensation: What to Know

6 June 2022
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If you or a loved one has been involved in a big truck vs. vehicle accident, you may be dealing with some serious consequences. The larger the truck, the more likely you are to suffer major injuries. Your vehicle, in many cases, may be totaled because of the speed and weight of the big truck. 18-wheeler accidents are different than regular accidents for several reasons. Find out more below. What to Know About Serious Injuries Read More 

Lost Your Spouse? 5 Reasons To Change Your Own Estate Plan

9 May 2022
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The loss of a spouse or partner is a difficult time for the one left behind. It's also a time when the surviving partner must handle a number of unwelcome tasks. One of these is changing their own estate plan. What elements might you need to alter as a widow or widower? Here are five of the most important reasons to change your estate plan after the loss of a spouse or partner. Read More