An Overview of Alternative Criminal Sentences

21 October 2019
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If you are facing a criminal charge, then you should know that alternative sentences exist alongside the conventional one of incarceration. Many people find alternative sentences lighter than incarceration. This can be a huge deal for you if you want to plea bargain your case and get a lighter sentence.  Here are some of these alternative sentences. Probation If you are sentenced to probation, you will be given a sentence, but you won't serve it straight away. Read More 

Your Worker’s Compensation Claim Questions Answered

23 September 2019
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Finding yourself injured as a result of your work can leave you in a precarious situation as you may be unable to work but unable to miss work to seek treatment. Worker's compensation policies are designed to help minimize this particular risk to workers by ensuring that they will be able to receive medical care for any injuries that they may incur while on the job. Should You Expect To Have To Sue Your Employer Directly? Read More 

Do Not Drive Operate Heavy Machinery: What This Medication Label Means For Your DUI Case

20 August 2019
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Getting into a car accident and being arrested for a DUI because you took prescription medication and it affected your ability to drive is never something you want to go through. However, if you find yourself in that position, a particular label on your medication may help your DUI attorney get you off with a proverbial slap on the wrist or acquitted entirely. Here is what that medication label is and why it may be the thing to turn your DUI case into nothing at all. Read More 

Suffered From Domestic Violence? You May Have A Personal Injury Case

17 July 2019
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Has your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse been charged with domestic abuse?  One of the most important things you can do during this difficult time is to get your own life back in order and regain any stability that was lost as a result.  How can you go about this? While one of the key ways is to seek criminal proceedings against an abuser, there is another step many fail to properly consider: civil litigation. Read More 

Testifying On Your Own Behalf

14 June 2019
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Being arrested and charged with a crime is a daunting experience. The law can be confusing for many unfamiliar with it, and its many quirks are a frustration for those trying their best to be exonerated of a crime. Trial law, in particular, can be extremely complicated. Fortunately, all of those accused of a crime have rights in the US, and one of the most important is the right to legal representation. Read More