Can Your Lender Lift The Bankruptcy Stay On Your Home? 5 Indicators

30 May 2023
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Bankruptcy can be one of the few ways to save your home from foreclosure due to debt. One of its most powerful tools is known as the automatic stay. The automatic stay bans creditors from pursuing collections efforts, including foreclosure, until the bankruptcy case is closed. However, this isn't always a slam dunk to prevent foreclosure. That stay can be lifted by request of the creditor. Could yours be subject to such a move? Read More 

What To Understand About Do Not Resuscitate Orders

19 April 2023
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Many people don't realize that certain issues that occur before death should be part of their estate plan. Estate plans can include end-of-life and medical planning documents. One such document is the "do not resuscitate" (or DNR) order. Read more about this important part of an estate plan below.  What Is a DNR? This document is not always known as a DNR. It may be part of an overall healthcare directive, a living will, or a stand-alone document. Read More 

Personal Injury Attorneys: Injured At An Amusement Park

13 March 2023
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Amusement parks are a popular destination for people of all ages to have fun and create memories. However, accidents and injuries can happen in amusement parks due to the nature of the attractions and rides. In such cases, it is crucial to seek the help of a personal injury attorney who specializes in handling cases related to amusement park accidents. Here are some steps to take if you're seriously injured at an amusement park: Read More 

Make Things Easier After An Accident

14 February 2023
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Being involved in a car accident can be extremely stressful. Don't add to that stress by taking on issues you don't need to worry about. Follow the tips below to make it easier on yourself while still gaining your fair share of accident compensation. Regain Your Health No matter how minor the accident, you can be badly hurt, and you could find yourself in the hospital. While you are in the hospital or on bedrest at home, resist the urge to work on your case. Read More 

Denied Disability Insurance Claim: Building An Appeal

12 January 2023
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If you're hurt and unable to work, having your disability claim denied by your insurance provider can make you feel like you're stranded without many options. However, if you were denied disability insurance, hiring a denied disability insurance claims attorney can help you file an appeal and explore your legal options.   Here are some strategies to increase your chances of success when working with a disability attorney. Find the Right Lawyer Read More