Are You And Your Spouse Considering A DIY Divorce?

3 March 2015
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Maybe you and your spouse have decided to call it quits once and for all. Maybe you have both come to an amicable agreement about the division of your assets and the division of custody for your children. Because of these friendly reasons, you may have considered a DIY divorce package. However, before you spend your hard earned money on a DIY divorce package, bear in mind a few extremely important considerations.

The Division Of Marital Assets According To The Law

Even though you and your spouse have spent a great deal of time deciding who gets what property, you may find in a court of law that property division will be completely different. Some assets are by law owned by both you and your spouse and cannot be given wholly to one or the other during a divorce. For example, in most states, real estate purchased by a married couple (aside from the home of any minor children) is not always granted to one spouse wholly during a divorce, but is sold and the money received for it is divided equally. Because of the complexity in the laws surrounding marital property division, getting a family law attorney is the best choice.

A Friendly Divorce Because Of The Children

Many people consider a friendly, no troubled DIY divorce because of their children. Maybe you and your spouse have agreed on the time each one of you will spend with the kids and whose house they will primarily reside at. However, when it comes to the emotions you and your spouse feel over your kids, the likelihood of your agreeable choices changing is great in the event some circumstances change for you or your ex-spouse. When different circumstances take place, you or your ex-spouse may find you become intensely disagreeable. For example, you may find yourself furious over your kids staying over at your ex-spouse's home while a new live in partner is living there as well. By choosing an attorney to handle your divorce, you can rest assured agreements over the kids will be followed properly.

If you are considering a DIY divorce kit because it is more affordable, you might consider the money you may end spending to fix the mistakes you and your spouse make in your final decisions. Taking the time to consult a law professional with experience in family law (such as Lois Iannone Attorney at Law) is the best option if you and your spouse are ready to go your separate ways.