Hiring An Auto Accident Attorney: Common Myths Exposed

23 April 2015
 Categories: Law, Blog


Thanks to inaccurate media portrayals of trial lawyers, there are now several common myths that surround the profession of auto accident attorney. Unfortunately, these myths will often play a large role in an accident victim's decision regarding whether or not to seek out representation when filing a personal injury claim. Below, several of these common myths will be exposed and the truth revealed so that you can ensure the decision you make regarding the need for these legal services is based on fact, rather than widespread fiction.

Myth: Auto Accident Attorneys Are Ambulance Chasers

Many television shows and movies have portrayed accident attorneys as ambulance chasers who are constantly trying to make a buck by pursuing frivolous lawsuits. However, the truth is, most accident attorneys are extremely particular about the clients and cases they take on. This is because rather than working for a standard wage, accident attorneys typically work on a contingency basis. This means that the only way they get paid is if they are able to win their client's case. Taking on cases that lack merit would only serve to hurt their chances of winning the case, and ultimately their chances of getting paid for their efforts. Consequently, if a reputable attorney is willing to take on your case, you can rest easy knowing that your case does in fact have merit and should be pursued.

Myth: Accident Attorneys Can Only Help People Who Share No Fault In Causing Their Accident

While it is true that being assigned fault for causing your accident can make your case far more complex, this does not mean that an auto accident attorney is unable to help. In fact, individuals who have been assigned a percentage of the blame in their accident case will often benefit most from the expertise of an accident attorney. This is because insurance companies routinely challenge liability in cases where fault is shared between two or more drivers. If this is the situation in your case, hiring an attorney like Herbert E. Maxey Jr., PC can go a long way towards making sure the insurance company pays you every dime you are entitled to.

Myth: Only Wealthy People Can Afford To Hire An Accident Attorney

Personal injury law is one of the only areas of the legal field where the wealthy are not at an advantage. This is because rather than requiring a standard retainer fee when taking on a new case, accident attorneys will typically require that their clients sign a contingency agreement that entitles the attorney to a percentage of any settlement that is received in the case. Since there is no upfront payment required, even those with no financial resources will have the ability to retain the services of the most qualified attorneys in their local area.