Should I Pursue A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

13 August 2015
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When you have been injured by another person or a company, it can be difficult to decide when to pursue legal action. Here are some factors to consider before hiring a lawyer.

Severity of the Injuries

Your case will be most successful if you can show that the injury will have a long term effect on your health. Get a thorough medical checkup to evaluate your injuries. You will need a doctor's written treatment plan that details your injuries and the lasting effects they will have. Get prescriptions for physical therapy, continued painkillers and follow-up plans when your doctor suggests them; having these in your file can support the severity of your injury.

Any Additional Losses

Besides the actual injuries, you can consider the effect of the injury on other parts of your life. For instance, you can get compensated for loss of enjoyment caused by the injury, or for marital problems that result from your injury (such as inability to maintain a sexual relationship or companionship with your partner, based on physical injuries). You can also sometimes get compensated for emotional traumas that relate to the accident.

Able to Prove Liability

Even if you have a major injury, your case depends on your ability to prove it. This starts with collecting great testimonies from eyewitnesses and documenting the events carefully with pictures.

Potential to Collect Money from the Other Party

Even if you have a strong case for your injury, you also need to consider what the outcome will be if you win. If the court mandates that a person pays you a million dollars, but they only make 50k per year, you're not likely to see that money any time soon. Lawyers will look for opportunities where the other party is either wealthy or has liability insurance. If you're suing a business, you're in luck; many businesses have liability insurance to protect their products and their property.

If your case meets some or all of these criteria, then it's worth speaking with a personal injury attorney, like Boucher Law Firm, to examine your case. Personal injury lawyers often work based on commission, which can be convenient if you have a strong case, but you may need to put together a lot of supporting evidence to get a borderline case to go through. Your lawyer will help you to be realistic about your options and whether you have a strong case or not.