Been Denied For Social Security Disability? 4 Things You Should Know For The Appeal

10 November 2015
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You applied for social security disability benefits. Unfortunately, you're application was denied. Don't give up. It's important to note that many people have their initial application denied. You still have legal recourse available to you.

The first thing you should do is contact a social security disability attorney. You stand a better chance of having your appeal granted if you have legal representation. During the appeals process, you'll have your case heard by an administrative law judge. You shouldn't panic. However, there are some things you can do that will improve your chances of winning your appeal.

Be Truthful About Your Symptoms

Administrative law judges have heard just about every type of case. When you're describing your symptoms, be truthful. Don't try to make your symptoms worse than they are. The judge will have your records in front of them. If the symptoms you're describing don't match the information, you risk having your case dismissed.

Acknowledge Pain

If you're in pain, admit it. This is particularly important if you're in pain on the day of your hearing. Pain can take your mind off other things, which means you may seem preoccupied. Acknowledge your pain. If you're in constant pain, let the judge know that.

Be Prepared

You've been going to doctors and receiving treatment for your disability. Now that it's time for your appeals hearing, you need to be prepared with everything pertaining to your treatment. Know your case. Be prepared to discuss the evidence that supports your claim. If your disability prevents you from performing your daily activities, be prepared to provide evidence for that. For instance, if you've discussed your limitations with your doctor, know where that information is in your medical records.

Go Into Details

During the appeals hearing, the administrative law judge will be using your medical records, as well as your personal testimony to determine your eligibility. Go into details about how your disability affects your life. If you have days where you can't leave the house because the pain is too bad, tell the judge about those days. If back pain prevents you from sitting for too long, explain that in detail as well.

Now that you've been denied for your social security disability benefits, you need to hire an attorney, like Horn & Kelley, PC Attorneys at Law, to help you with the appeals process. The information provided above will help you prepare for your hearing with the administrative law judge.