Age Discrimination Happens For A Range Of Reasons

28 February 2019
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Age discrimination doesn't just happen because a person is older and the boss doesn't give them a promotion. Age discrimination can happen when you are young too. There are times when an employer will overlook an employee for a supervisor position, based only on the fact that they "look too young" for the job. While it can be difficult to prove that you didn't get a job or promotion because of your age, there are circumstances when it is very clear what has happened. If you believe you are treated differently at your job because of your age, it's time to meet with an age discrimination law attorney and discuss your options.

Types of Age Discrimination at Work

Age discrimination is more than just being looked over for a promotion because of your age. You might be given less opportunity to improve your skills, have different job responsibilities, or be harassed by coworkers because of your age. It can happen to anyone, and it is important to watch your own behavior when dealing with coworkers who are not the same age as you are. 

Age Discrimination Can Occur Unwittingly

When it comes to the workplace, experience is often very important. If a big project comes along, an employer might tend to give it with the employee with the most experience. This can mean that the older employee who has been in the field for decades is going to get better opportunities. If two people are employed in the same capacity, both employees should have equal access to certain opportunities.

Companies With More than 20 Employees

The Age Discrimination and Employment Act is a federal law that protects workers from age discrimination if the company employs more than 20 people. It is illegal for ageism to occur in companies of this size, and workers who believe they were discriminated against because of their age can file a discrimination suit. Unfortunately for younger workers, the law only protects individuals who are 40 years old and older. There are no specific laws that protect workers who are less than 40 years old.

If you believe you are being looked over for a promotion or you are not getting the same opportunities as your younger coworkers, it's time to meet with an age discrimination law attorney. You have the right to equal work no matter how old you are, and you should not have to listen to jokes that attack your age.