Working On Contingency: Why Most Personal Injury Lawyers Work This Way

14 May 2019
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When you hear about lawyers working on contingency, only collecting a fee if they win the case, you may wonder why all lawyers do not operate this way. Well, there are certainly some good reasons for the lawyers to work this way, but it does not work out well for all types of law and all types of cases. For example, a divorce lawyer could not work on contingency because there is no guarantee that a lawyer could get someone everything they want in a divorce. No judge is going to award everything to one person and leave the other with nothing. On the other hand, there are personal injury law services, which can definitely work on contingency, and here is why they work that way. 

Personal Injury Lawsuits Often Have Bigger Compensation Payouts

This is especially true of class action personal injury suits. One such example is the cruise ship company a few years back where everyone on board got food poisoning from eating some of the food from a particular buffet onboard the ship. Everyone was massively ill for days, and stuck at sea because the ship was not expected to dock anywhere along the way. Many of the people who got sick on that cruise filed a class action personal injury suit against the cruise ship company. The lawyers involved in that case worked on contingency because the payout was going to be huge and split amongst all of the plaintiffs. 

The Legal Fees and Lawyer Fees Can Be Included in the Personal Injury Suit

Most of the time, a personal injury lawyer is able to include all of the legal fees and his/her fees in the lawsuit. When the suit is finally settled, the lawyer takes his/her cut and repayment for services rendered, and you get the rest. You should be able to get the amount you need to cover the majority of your monetary losses in connection with your injuries, so do not be too concerned about the lawyer's cut if the lawyer is working for you on contingency. 

Personal Injury Lawyers Want You to Worry Less

There is also the compassionate side to being a personal injury lawyer. These lawyers know that you are hurting, and hurting financially because of your physical and/or psychological injuries. Knowing that you need to file a lawsuit but cannot afford to do so, they offer contingency payment plans so that you can get the money you deserve without having to worry about a shrinking budget. 

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