What To Avoid After A Motor Accident?

13 July 2021
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If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, some careless mistakes could ruin your case. It is crucial you talk to an auto accident lawyer before you ruin chances of compensation. Here are things you should avoid after a motor vehicle accident.

Failing to Call Law Enforcement

Some victims in an accident do not call the police after an accident. It is normal to assume your car is in good condition and that the damage is insignificant. In some states, you must report a motor vehicle accident to the police.

For example, according to New Jersey law, you should report a traffic accident that involves property damage that is more than $500, involves bodily injuries, or results in death. Therefore, unless the accident is a fender-bender, you need to call it in. 

You have ten days to file a police report. The police report provides proof when claiming compensation. Otherwise, the insurance company, lawyers, and the other driver will claim that you were already injured when the accident occurred.

Failing to Go to Hospital

The failure to seek medical care can also weaken your case. You need to contact 911 for medical care immediately after an accident. A medical checkup is important even if you feel it is unnecessary. This is because you might suffer from an injury that is not apparent, but which manifests later. For example, internal bleeding is not something that you can notice without a thorough examination.

A medical exam is also vital as proof to the insurance company and court. If you decline medical care, the defense will claim you were already injured or were in good health after the accident. A medical report is an essential basis for claiming medical expenses after a motor vehicle accident.

Admitting Fault 

In any legal case, anything you say is bound to be used against you in court. You should avoid self-incrimination after a motor vehicle accident. The at-fault driver is liable for your financial costs after an accident. The moment you accept fault, you help the defense.

Since the defense must prove, you were financially responsible for the accident, admitting fault helps build their case against you. Additionally, you should not lie or state something you are not sure about. You must avoid going through any form of interrogation without the presence of a motor vehicle accident attorney.

If you're involved in an auto accident, call your motor vehicle accident lawyer immediately. Your attorney will ensure you take the right steps. Furthermore, they will also advise you on how to conduct yourself through the case. Contact a law firm like Endres Law Firm to learn more.