Why Going To The Emergency Room Isn't Enough After A Car Accident

13 August 2021
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After a car accident, you might feel like you were not very badly injured as a result of the crash. You may visit the emergency room and find that you did not suffer any obvious severe injuries. However, you will still want to see your doctor afterward. The emergency room is not equipped to assist you with aftercare, and your doctor will be better able to help you, especially if you plan on filing a personal injury claim.

Which Doctor to See

Your primary care doctor may not want to see you because they may not be equipped to treat auto accident injuries and may not want to be compensated through your auto insurance provider. As a result, you will instead want to turn to a physician who specializes in auto accident injuries.

A doctor who is specialized in treating auto accident injuries will be better equipped to treat you. Also, they will be experienced with dealing with auto insurance providers and will also be experienced with assisting patients with personal injury claims.

The Role of Your Doctor in a Personal Injury Claim

If you believe that another party is at fault for your accident, both your personal injury lawyer and your car accident doctor will play a crucial role in your case. Your doctor will be able to determine what happened to your body as a result of the accident and will then be able to produce evidence that can be used by your personal injury attorney to establish that you were injured.

The injuries you have suffered will allow you to calculate the damages you have suffered. First of all, you will be entitled to compensation for your medical bills. Your attorney will also work with your doctor to predict the long-term medical expenses you will suffer and how much you should be compensated for these expenses.

Pain and Suffering

There are online calculators that can assist you in calculating the pain and suffering damages you have experienced, but they are not very accurate. Instead, a personal injury attorney will allow you to determine the damages you should be entitled to as a result of your pain and suffering.

Pain and suffering not only takes into account the physical pain you are experiencing, such as a headache or back pain, but also emotional suffering. Because suffering is difficult to quantify, you will need help from a personal injury lawyer.