The Importance Of Hiring An Experienced Industrial Accident Attorney

28 September 2022
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Your factory job may put your safety and health at risk. Despite your best attempts to stay safe at work, you still might suffer injuries in an accident for which you bear no responsibility.

Even more, your employer may owe you compensation for any expenses you incur from the incident. You can seek out that compensation and hold your employer accountable for them by hiring an experienced industrial accident attorney to represent you.

Proving Blame

One of the first moves your employer may take involves minimizing the company's blame for the incident. Your employer may try to shift the blame onto you and claim no responsibility for what happened.

However, when you have an industrial accident attorney on retainer, you can investigate and find out what really happened prior to and during the accident. Your lawyer can prove with the evidence uncovered what took place and who is really to blame for what happened to you. This evidence can hold your employer accountable, and prove to a judge or jury that you are not to blame and that the company owes you compensation.

Filing a Lawsuit 

Even with ample evidence to back up your argument, you still might face hardships when trying to collect on compensation owed to you. The company's insurer, for example, may deny your workers comp claim. The employer may also delay paying you what it owes you.

However, your industrial accident attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf against the insurer and your employer. The lawsuit can demand immediate payment for what both owe to you. It can also take the case to court for a judge or jury to hear and decide for you.

Negotiating a Settlement

Finally, your industrial accident attorney can negotiate a settlement on your behalf. Both the insurer and your employer may not want to go to court. They may want to avoid the expense and embarrassment that can come with being sued and having negative publicity aired about them. When they offer a settlement, they can contact your lawyer and make sure the sum they offer is in line with what you are legally owed under the personal injury laws in your state.

An industrial accident attorney can help you recoup compensation you are entitled to for your injury, pain, loss of income, and other expenses. He or she can find out what happened and hold the employer accountable. Your lawyer can also file a lawsuit or negotiate a settlement for you.

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